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Wastewater Treatment System for Homes

German Engineering

Advanced SBR Technology

The KLARO EPro15 home sewage system is designed and engineered in Germany and assembled and supported in Australia.

The philosophy behind the KLARO System is simple…

Maximum operating reliability!

We achieve this in the following way…


We start with reliable & robust SBR technology – SBR is used by many councils & operators.


We develop the technology so we can remove pumps & mechanical components from the wastewater treatment – means less breakdowns.


We equip the system with logic – a PLC real time controller – not just a timer like most systems.


We introduce plug & play features like holiday mode & under load detection – this means your system can operate to actual site conditions, not just one size fits all like most systems available.


The system uses less power than most because air blowers don’t run all day & night – under 10 hours for the KLARO E Pro15.


Systems don’t need to be serviced as often due to the reliable technology.


The control box can be placed near a shed of a fence, out of site from your outdoor entertain area, while the green lid fades into the lawn, you can even mow over it.


We hope you compare and consider what is really important when purchasing your homes system.


For absolute peace of mind the KLARO EPro15 is supported by the longest manufacturer’s warranty available…

15 years on our GRAF carat tank and 3 years on all other components in the system


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KLARO SYSTEMS – Designed in Germany and proudly assembled in Australia.
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