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Klaro For Home

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Wastewater Systems


Domestic Systems for Homes.

The Klaro range of domestic systems include Septic and Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems.
Klaro Systems are certified to Australian Standards and come with 15 year / 3 year manufacturers warranty.

All systems both Septic and Aerated are designed using the versatile Graf Carat Tank manufactured in Graf’s ISO9001 facility in Germany. The Carat tank has many installation options yet weighing under 250kg, makes delivery and manoeuvring at home simple.

Aerated Systems


KLARO Epro15

Back to nature – the natural cycle.

Every day the average Australian uses 150Litres of water – in off sewer locations this ‘wastewater” needs to be treated after use.

KLARO small wastewater systems use reliable SBR technology to send recycled water back into nature without posing any kind of risk to us or the environment and completing a natural cycle.


Septic Systems


Anaerobix & Standard Septic

Uncomplicated and low cost

The KLARO ANAEROBIX with BioFilter produced 30% cleaner water in official tests than standard septic effluent.

Klaro septic systems are certified  to Australian NZ Standard AS1546.1..

 Septic System


 Anaerobix System


Large Homes or B & B’s


Single & Multi Tank

Modular Systems: Built to Requirements

It you require a system for a property or installation other than a standard home then we can most likely be of assistance to you.

Our tanks come in 4 sizes, 2700L up to 6500L and can be coupled for larger installations which might include B & B’s duplexes or small commercial businesses.


Klaro/Graf Australia
KLARO SYSTEMS – Designed in Germany and proudly assembled in Australia.
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