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Wastewater Systems


Commercial Sewage Treatment Systems

Graf’s KLARO Commercial wastewater systems come in a range of options to suit site and client requirements. Options include modular, packaged, mobile and containerized solutions. All systems are tailored to actual operating flows and site conditions.

Our approach to wastewater is simple but steadfast.. Maximum operating reliability…. how do we achieve this?

All wastewater transfer processes take place through aiir-lift technology. The air supply is fed through membrane diffusion, which is mounted on stainless steel manifolds. All electrical parts are located outside the container in a secure control box. By reducing mechanical components we remove the incidence of failure.

Modular Systems

10 to 150 people

Packaged Plug and Play

Klaro Modular Systems are engineered to provide a packaged plug and play system using Graf’s Poly tanks to make installation easier, especially in remote locations.

System setup is site specific taking required effluent quality, peak flow and surrounding environmental considerations into calculation.


Custom Systems

50 to 1000 people

Custom Retro-Fittted Concrete and Poly Tank Wastewater treatment plants

Individual solutions for wastewater treatment at large facilities for businesses, mining, local authorities, camp sites.

KLARO Wastewater System components can be retro fitted to concrete or larger poly tanks on site or in the factory


Container Systems

10,000 L / day

Maximum Operating Reliability

The KLARO Containerised system is engineered and designed as a packaged plug and play wastewater system ready to go for your remote or off sewer site.

As with all Klaro Wastewater Systems, maximum operating reliability is the driving force behind its design ensuring ease of operation, lower running costs, and maintenance that is simple to train and carry out.


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