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Domestic Systems FAQs

The Klaro range of domestic systems include Septic and Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems.

The following answers to frequently asked questions are provided for your convenience, please return to our website regularly as many pages including this page will be regularly updated and expanded to include the most up to date information.

If you have a question of your own, that is not answered here, please feel free to use the contact form on the right to ask your question and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

1. Graf & Klaro – what is the difference?
Graf is the Company name and Klaro is the name of Graf’s range of wastewater systems. Take a look at the company profile on our website to see Graf’s manufacturing facilities and 50 year history.
2. What type of wastewater do Klaro systems treat?
Klaro Systems treat domestic wastewater ie from human consumption or use, for example, toilets, showers, kitchen, laundry & bathroom waste. We use a biological process so excessive chemical or mechanical wastewater will impede or process.
3. Klaro Systems use SBR Process – What is SBR treatment?
SBR or Sequential Batch Reactor Technology has been around a long time and is a mainstream process in many council or municipal facilities – we have scaled it down for home and business use. The SBR process treats wastewater in batches or cycles, usually 3 of 4 per day. It includes a number of phases, settling, Aeration, clarification and disinfection.
4. How is SBR different?
Most systems available in Australia work on a hydraulic basis, when wastewater flows in, it pushes water out the other end. We believe this process can be susceptible to high flows, resulting in incomplete treatment. The SBR process holds the water back and treats it in equal cycles and in more control of the process. Our controller is not just a timer, but contains real time logic and process control.
5. What sizes are Klaro systems come in?
Our systems range from household septic or area rated systems up to systems for businesses up to 500 people. Our range is the most versatile on the Australian market, we can use our own poly tanks, concrete tanks, containers and larger poly tanks. If council allows, we can even retro fit components to other failing systems.
6. What is the power consumption of a Klaro System
Unlike most competitor systems that use air compressors that run all day, our systems only run from 7 hours per day up to 14 for some of the larger commercial systems. If you want to know the run time and kw/H per day costs, send us an email.
7. Graf is a German Company – are systems more expensive
Most people understand the quality and performance that stands behind German engineered products. The same is true with Klaro Systems. Tanks are designed to be flat packed and components easily shipped. Systems are assembled in several locations in Australia to save money on freight and handling. With Graf products and Klaro Systems you get a quality product at competitive price – adding real value to your property and saving you time and money on operation.
8. Warranty
Graf products are made under stringent ISO9001 processes in the most advanced manufacturing facilities of our type, in the world.. In Germany & France. As such we support or product with a 15 year warranty on the tank and 3 years on all internal components. We believe this long warranty provides peace of mind and invite you to check our competitors warranty and conditions.
9. More Questions
We would love to add many more FAQ’s to our website so please email questions to office@klaro.com.au and if we get the same question twice, we will add it to this site.

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